23 April 2019
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Dimokritou 20 & Tsakalof, Kolonaki
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Mon, Wed 9.30 - 15.00. Tue, Thu, Fri 9.30 - 20.30. Sat 9.30 - 16.00. Sun closed.

Shopping/Fashion & Accessories
When the easy living clothes of Dimitris Parthenis firstly appeared, back in the 70's, the Greek fashion gained for the first time its own devoted groopies. Moreover, the global market - Europe and United States, discovered that unisex clothing, in plain forms with Greek aesthetics in classical colours - off-white, white, black, brown -  responded to the demand of a product totally recogniseable with taste and class. Today, Orsalia Parthenis, keeps following the same style in design but with more colour offering a more feminin character to the original simple style, refreshing this way the timeless "contract" of Parthenis with the women of today.
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