18 April 2019
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Sarri 28, Psirri
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Where can someone find Finn Juhl and Prouve chairs of the 50's or a 70's "Lampiatta" lamp of Stilnovo, a divider on a Eilen Gray's design or one of those donut phones of the 60's; When the Athenians want to create something of a movie scenery in their houses but in a modern sense or with a retro style, they visit Mofu, the top boutique of the city for the lovers of vintage and contemporary style. When Dimitris Dimitriou came from New York in 2001, wanted to make his collecting passion known to everyone by bringing in the historic heart of Athens, pieces (furniture, decoration, lighting, retro appliances, wallpaper, etc.) from all over Europe and the U.S., which he can certainly deliver, if you wish, anywhere in the world with great pleasure.
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