18 April 2019
16 °
Pirronos 5, Pangkrati
2107520658, 2107564021
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Dinner Mon - Sun.

Restaurants/Toques d'or
The only restaurant in Greece with Toque d’ Or and two Michelin stars, Spondi competes successfully other top restaurants of the world providing high standard gastronomy. The menu focuses on modern and creative French cuisine. Subtle balanced tastes, nicely textured creations, intricate ingredients sourced in Greece and exotic places characterizes the high level of the cuisine. A visit at Spondi is a gastronomic experience with exceptional service and great ambience. Sizeable, updated wine list including Greek but also international labels. Excellent guidance by the sommelier. The ultimate choice for a gourmet dinner.
With Athens Spotlighted Card
Crab  Turnip/ Acacia Honey/ Tarragon/ Passion Fruit
Mousse of Grouper   > Onions and Wild Herb Broth
Milk Fed Veal   “Creamy Coffee”/ Veal Juice/ Truffle-Onion-Herb Tart
Nyangbo/Guanaja Chocolate  Iced Nougat Honey-Almond/ Creamy Chocolate/
Chocolate Ice-Cream/ Raspberry

White wine: Ta dora tou Dionysou
Red Wine: Hatzivarytis Goumenisa

75,00€/person - Accompanied by 2 glasses of wine
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