18 April 2019
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Orizontes Lycabettus
Lycabettus hill
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Lunch, dinner Mon - Sun.

No matter how many times you go up to “Orizontes Lycabettus”, you never get bored of the breathtaking view of Athens. So wide, so plenty this panoramic view of the city and the lit Acropolis at night just right in the middle of the picture. Nowhere else can you have the same feeling. It is not only the view that makes “Orizontes” so attractive but also the interesting contemporary Greek menu. It’s best to make a reservation so that you can get a table with the most amazing view. You can also enjoy the ride with the cable car and a walk in Lycabettus hill.
With Athens Spotlighted Card
Set menu A' for 2 at 58€
Veloute soup of the day
Shrimp in a pouch flavored with fennel and tomato freddo
Salad with red cabbage, pear and beetroot
Bicolor risotto with octopus and mastic
Bream in a citrus sauce with vegetables spaghetti or Grilled cheeks of croaker with sweet peppers, tomato confit and caper
Dessert - Choise from main menu
Set menu B' for 2 at 55€
Veloute soup of the day
Feta tempura with caper meringue and lemon marmalade
Mixed vegetable salad with sun dried tomato, florentine almond
and caramelized grape syrup
Risotto with porcini mushrooms and truffle oil
Tagliata veal with wine of Commanderie and wild ruccola
Dessert - Choice from main menu
The above menu can accompany white wine Kastelorizo Moschofilero 12€ (per bottle) or red wine Kastelorizo Agiorghitiko, 13€ (per bottle). The offer is not valid in collaboration with other offers and not for more of 10 – 15 persons.
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Disclaimer The indication of the Athens Spotlighted card should be done UPON the order so that the discount could be issued on the final check. The card is valid for 8 people, 7 days a week. Athens Spotlighted discount is not applicable to parties of more than eight people and may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.