25 March 2019
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Church of Metamorfosi Tou Sotiros
Theorias & Klepsydras Streets
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The church is dated to the first half of the eleventh (11nth) century. It is located on the northern foot of the Acropolis. It is tetrastyle , cross-in-square plan, with dome that was the prominent type of that period in Athens.The masonry, in the cloisonne system is representative of the particular type, plain in the ornamentation with rectilinear dentil cornice. Pseudo Kufic motifs decorate the vertical lintels of the temple. The extensions of the church on the West and East faces, took place at a later time. The central part of the church remains untouched from any renovation or intervention and thus keeping its form to its original stage. On the North part of the church, a small chapel exists, a part of which is curved into the Acropolis rock.The chapel is dedicated to Saint Paraskevi (Agia Paraskevi).Traces of frescoes that dated to the fourteenth (14nth) century were founded under successive layers of plaster. The church is under the jurisdiction of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens.
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